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Being a man is not about having with intimate relationships with 53 girls at the same time. But it’s about having balls big enough to defend what’s right and publicly denounce what’s wrong (even though you might look like an idiot because you are the only one doing it).

We are not fellow human beings anymore

To those who are scared of the emergence of “Islamist rebels” in Syria. On side note, everybody try to find the first opportunity to label us, the arab people, as terrorists; as no one dares to say that what is practiced by Assad gangs is PURE TERRORISM! Let’s trade shoes, I dare you not to do the same as we did.

Exiled Razan رزان في المنفى

Look into Halfaya martyrs’ eyes and dare to tell me you’re worried about “Islamists” in Syria. Dare to tell me, you piece of shit, that you’re worried about “FSA human rights violations,” worried about “civil war,” about Qatar and KSA, and that’s why you won’t support people’s revolution.

So you’re worried. I see. That explains a lot. Of course.

Newsflash: the minute you have forsaken the people of Syria, the Syrian people have also forsaken you and what you worry about habibi: you and your civilization don’t exist in our time and space. It’s over, you and I aren’t fellow human beings anymore.

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Conversation with Nguessro about Syria, Terrorism, Islam, Middle East and other stuff

NOTICE : What you are about to read may look a bit extreme. But think about it twice; we aren’t really disconnected from reality… 😉

Falafel :
It’s controversial, we are not so close to an end…

I let you comment :

Plus, I retweeted something with your name mentioned.

Nguessro :
I read everything. And you know what, I’m beginning to have extremist views about the West. Bro, there isn’t sympathy for us at all. To sum it up, they don’t give a shit about the thousands of dead Syrian citizens [because they can’t see the situation with ciritical eyes. I hoped they looked at us and cared as much as they did when it was 9/11, or when Palestinians hit Israel or the “Mohammad Merah” incident happened. Conclusion : we have to stand up by ourselves and freak them out.

Falafel :
Of course they don’t give a shit. That was obvious. Everybody pretends to be interested and everybody pretends to give a shit. And you know what, I think I have the same kind of views as yours (if we are talking about the same thing). With what’s happening, I became pessimistic, as I was quite optimistic (in general) before and when the revolution began.

Here, with the different kind of people I met here at the uni, there are a few people who support the Syrian uprising (but I don’t know how much they follow the news). Then there are those who think that the FSA [the rebels] are as much as violent than the Assad army, if not more. And finally, there are those who mock Islam…

And then, when you do a protest supporting Syria, there is only around 20 people who come (yes, around 20). It was a Friday. If they announced after the Friday prayer that there are Kabab sandwiches, everyone would come. An other thing I noticed : how everyone mobilized in a blink of an eye for Gaza. That’s good; but please do the same for Syria : Al Assad kills more Syrians in a day than Israel kills palestinians in one week.

For sure, that’s partly due to the media. Here, they say everything but what’s important… The only way I see for a change is a massive takeover on the media, Die Hard 4 style, if you know what I mean. So a message could be spread and people could see the atrocities they are ignoring.

We are living in an era where nearly everyone in the West have access to the real news, if only they wanted to… Unlike the past, where they can say “We didn’t know” when atrocities happen. Here, it’s more like “We don’t want to know, die silently, that makes less potential terrorists”…

But please look to what they did to us. Colonies, Bosnia’s war, Palestine, Iraq, all that isn’t terrorism, right ? But if we want to retaliate, they catch us and portray us as the biggest terrorists of the planet. And if we are crazy enough to talk around us about that kind of problems, nobody would believe us and people would think that either we are crazy or we are an absolute idiot.

And I don’t know if you know about that, but the United Nations said that they don’t anymore have enough money to continue their humanitarian operations in Syria (more precisely, food distribution). They need 20 million dollars for this month. 20 millions… Any Western country can fill that gap alone, with help of others. If only they applied their moral values of liberty and equality beyond their borders. When they say that a country has given 2-3 millions [for a cause], it’s peanuts compared to what they really can give, even if they are in a “financial crisis”.

To sum it up :
If one day I have to write a poem about Humanity, it would go like : HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…

Enough said, that was my morning inspiration.

Let’s go freak them out together ;p

Nguessro :
You are right. I’m pissed of justifying my existence as a Muslim because a guy they brainwashed did a terrorist attack on their soil. That remembers me of the era of the Islamic Foutouhat : Muslim rulers did a great job, but the problem was they were different from christians, jews or atheists. You have a problem with our honesty in our beliefs ? Is it better for example to worship people like Bashar instead of God?

A finding : We have to work twice as much as a Chinese; everyone who follows the West, we make them get out of the way, we unite to make a change, and finally we give a a kick to the West (because after all we are terrorists).

Falafel :
Hahahahahahah the conclusion. You are right bro ! Since a few weeks, I’m telling to myself if someone will tell me that I’m terrorist, I’ll try to answer “And proud to be one !”

By the way :We don't fear death anymore

Nguessro :
That’s real stuff, unlike the bullshit we see in the media.

But nobody gives a fuck.. People have dedicated their lives for this revolution; age, gender and social level doesn’t matter. People have given their lives fighting..

They don’t care because they don’t understand. They consider us as a mass not individuals

Agree for the mass/individual. But they don’t understand (when we discuss that matter) because they never cared. Selfish way of life.

Thinking of something that attract attention, to do daily…

When you live to consume, the death of thousands of Syrians hasn’t more value than the death of a dog.

Still.. Man, you are way too nice.

Nguessro :
It’s like in Western movies; when a native indian dies, it doesn’t matter, we even laugh at it.

Random conversation with Batikh

This is a conversation  I had recently with my fellow blogger Batikh. It was about the movie Argo

Bro, Argo is simply epic !!
One of the best movies I’ve ever seen! Thanks for telling me about it 😉

Glad you liked it 😀
When I was watching it I told myself that Falafel would like. 😉

Hahahahaha thanks for thinkig about me 😉
I also thought of you when I watched it 😉


Bro I don’t know if you noticed that, but in the movie (if it’s the real story), all what the government tried to do to get these 6 people out of Iran; they had to find crazy ways and how hard they looked for solutions […]. I think many governments in this world wouldn’t have tried that hard.
And if there one thing that is good in the US is importance they give to a life of a citizen…

Hahahahahahaha u said it!!
USA is crazy

They give too much importance that it messes up with the « rest of the world » to « protect their beloved idiots ».

Hahahahahahahaha idiots, rednecks, retards are very important for the us economy


They buy tahoes and yukons [in reference to two car models known to be big and consume a lot (for no real power on top of that) and being useless]

You are right bro

Eat McDonalds

In which they put 100s of gallons of petrol mixed with Arab blood.
And they become fat.

And the same rednecks fight in the oil wars to keep driving their tahoes and yukons and F150s and dodge RAMs and Raptor
Not bad
We thought of the same thing 😛

Which all have enormous sound-only machinery […]

Turn fuel into noise and a bit of energy to move the car […]

No just noise. And some propulsion from the exhaust (action-reaction principle)

Hahahhahahahahahjajah >>

Now we don’t mean that all americans are stupid. But the American easy lifestyle tend to make them forget the rest of the world…

Humanity, one of the biggest lies on earth…

Found this picture on facebook of Syrians in a refugee camp, under the snow :
Snow in Syrian Refugee Camp

Here is a translation of what’s written in arabic on the picture:

What is happening to the Syrian people, whether inside or outside Syria, proves us that Humanity is one of the biggest lies on earth

And I think that whoever wrote that sentence is completely right.

And beware, these refugees are those who had the chance to flee. We are not talking of tortured men, elders that got shot “for fun” or raped young girls yet…


Found this article on twitter (@YourAnonNews) :
The US Military Approves Bombing Children

Doesn’t really shock me, coming from the US.. But it saddens me though : just look at how far they went, and how nobody condemns that…

It’s always easy to kill innocents and then say sorry. Then, you [the American soldier] come back home and you are treated like a hero. Being an arab, I wonder if I killed you by mistake what would have happened to me..

The problem with mass media


Like if it was the most important news of the day…

Meanwhile, in a parallel universe (Aleppo, Syria – People waiting in line to get bread from a single bakery) :

If you didn’t understand what I meant in this post :
The problem with mass media is that it is extremely biased. It is presented in such way that   make the most meaningless events like the most important, and the most important events look like the most meaningless…

USA, the noble force for Freedom… When it suits them…

“I want to make it absolutely clear to Assad and those under his command, the world is watching, the use of chemical weapons is and would be totally unacceptable,” Obama said. (Source)

Please note : “THE WORLD IS WATCHING”. Yes, keep watching please, like if you were watching a Bab Al 7ara.

“If you make the tragic mistake of using these weapons, there will be consequences and you will be held accountable”, he added.

So I guess, until now, it was no tragedy, and there are no consequences at all. 43000+ killed is collateral damage…


What’s the use of saying that you support the Syrian people but you don’t do a thing. Either you do something, or say “we don’t want to know, we don’t want to help” and shut the fuck up for eternity instead of meaningless stuff while Syria is bleeding

And for those who will ask me what I did for the syrian revolution, I’m giving what I can and I’m trying to help in what I’m good at.